Kevin Alexanderman

Thoughts on the only now emerging human sciences

A Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis

Is the Solution Widespread Hydroxychloroquine Use? Economic Depressions Kill. Do you know that a person who is basically healthy, could take hydroxychloroquine alone, at probably 200mg, if they have a fever, without harm? If the symptoms persist, they could seek medical attention. If they subsided, they could stop the medication. If the symptoms returned, they

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Is the COVID-19 Calamity Unnecessary?

Is Martial Law Really Necessary? People have to survive. They can die from a virus, or from starvation. In other words, shutting down free markets will potentially kill more people on its own than the virus. But let’s digress a bit to discover more about what has actually been happening. There appears to be a

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Exposing Fake News for Yourself

What is the difference between Fake News, and Sound Knowledge? How do you tell? If you want someone else to tell you—a government, an expert, or a newspaper—what happens if they are wrong? Are you willing to take that risk, or is there some other way to discern knowledge from speculative opinion that you can

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Do you have children in school/uni and are concerned with leftist indoctrination?

How can you counter leftist indoctrination? Today many people are concerned with the wholesale indoctrination of students that is occurring by the left within the academic community. Schools and university professors are openly biased, and ruthlessly oppose any challenge to their socialist hegemony. They fight with slander, libel, general ad hominem attack and any other method of character

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