Do you have children in school/uni and are concerned with leftist indoctrination?

How can you counter leftist indoctrination?

Today many people are concerned with the wholesale indoctrination of students that is occurring by the left within the academic community. Schools and university professors are openly biased, and ruthlessly oppose any challenge to their socialist hegemony. They fight with slander, libel, general ad hominem attack and any other method of character defamation of their enemies they can devise.

An attempt is made to push Marxist theory, which is pseudo-science, as a reasonable explanation of human society. To justify the theory, Marxist professors have spent many decades rewriting the history books as a faux evidence for the theory’s support. Below is an interview with the late Soviet KGB defector, explaining the process of indoctrination used by communist states to undermine economic and personal liberties in free societies.

This indoctrination has many years ago reached a critical mass, affecting all university-educated people. Ask yourself: if some basically criminal person wanted to deceive you or your children, would they prefer you all stupid, or smart? 

Of course—they want you all dumb, so they can dupe you more easily.

For this reason, do you think socialists have tried to control the system of education? They have, and now society is in trouble because of it.

Do you have children in school or at university? Are you concerned that they are being indoctrinated by leftist/socialists? Are you worried that you don’t know what you can do about it, or resigned to the idea that you cannot even if you wanted to?

So you are a responsible, productive, basically honest person who wants your children to grow up the same. You want them, like you, to create value in exchange for value in free societies. 

Leftists want to take that away from you and them—socialists want to literally steal you and your family’s liberties. They are willing to lie to do it.

You can do something about it, and that’s what the new book, Validating Ideas, is about.

“Kevin’s book is an answer to education questions such as ‘How do we teach students to think for themselves, fulfil their potential, be creative, gain self-esteem, and be ready for this productive world?’ 

“His book is a must for all educators from pre-school through graduate school. I wish his book had been available during my 42-year teaching career.” 

Norma Silver, Retired teacher, Fort Lee, NJ

More and more people are waking up to the crisis of leftist indoctrination in education. In the US, Australia, the UK and in many EU countries, people are figuring out what has and is happening. 

As an antidote to this aggressive, continuous indoctrination, spend a bit of time learning to more capably validate the ideas you already subscribe to, and discover the legitimacy of new ideas you encounter more easily. You can do so in a shortly forthcoming new book called Validating Ideas, which you can pre-order in the link below at a 50% discount for a limited time, as well as the free eBook, The 4 Pillars of Intelligence.

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