Validating Ideas

Improving Your Ability to Think Independently

The world is awash with information: which ideas are valid, which are false? Accusations of “fake news” fly from both sides of nearly every important issue. But what can we do?

Validating Ideas explains how an emerging science of epistemology can be used to systematically assess the validity of any concept, including those in the humanities, and demonstrates this by showing the general invalidity of Marxist theory and other concepts from literature, culture, the academic world and science that are not accurate representations of reality, making clear the advantage and opportunity of the advanced scientific method.

Author Kevin Alexanderman spent more than a decade to develop a broad-based new theory of knowledge for AI (Artificial Intelligence) software purposes. This historically distinct epistemological theory includes new theories of deduction (reasoning), induction (concept forming), lexicology (meaning), concepts (grammar) and importantly, validation (scientific method).

Three of these theories, deduction, concepts and lexicology, were confirmed as valid, emerging science by demonstrating their efficacy in commercial software sold to many Global 200 firms.

Validation is the subject mental tool in this ground-breaking, hugely important book, because it explains and demonstrates how all ideas can be assessed by comparison with their perceptual origins, in a straight-forward, systematic manner. 

If you want to think soundly, and have the capacity to depend upon your own judgement, rather than having to follow the crowd, then Validating Ideas is critically important for your happiness, success and well-being.