Blog Rules

These blog posts are hoped to attract intelligent people who want to understand new ideas, and may present challenges to existing, accepted views. Freedom of speech is valued, as that is how we all grow intellectually.

Sincere questions or comments, respecting others, are welcomed. With that in mind, some moderation rules are necessary:

  • Ad hominem, or attacking the person, is absolutely not accepted, nor character defamation of any sort.
  • You will need a functional email to post, in case we have to contact you.
  • If your posts are deemed too offensive or appear dishonest or constantly straw-man arguments, you may be banned. If you are, and want to be reconsidered, please send me an email and we can discuss.
  • Focus on the subject of the blog, and respond to comments, try to keep within context. Posts may get clipped if they stray too far from topic.
  • Just because a view is different from what you have seen, are used to, or have been taught, is not a rational argument against it.
  • Be humble enough to admit your mistakes when you have them, as we all occasionally do, and that way the conversation can evolve, and we can each luckily discover new things in a positive environment.

Please enjoy the discussions, and thank you for visiting.

            Kevin Alexanderman

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